The diversity and richness of the Midwestern region has attracted thousands of farm workers to migrate throughout this region to assist with land preparation, planting, harvesting and processing.

Because agricultural work is seasonal in nature GESC became involved with education, housing and supportive services of farm workers involved directly in food and fiber production.  The focus of these efforts was to establish a safety net of services for food and housing.  The shift to education was in response to the increasing demand for farmworkers to support their adult children who opted to attend college instead of working the fields during the seasons.

In the 90s

Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation partnered with local, state, and federal partners after receiving the 501©3 IRS designation. The funding led to exponential growth for the agency, and housing remains priority one.

The agency provided funding to repair homes in rural areas of extremely low income families throughout West Texas. It provided pre/post purchase counseling and 0% interest mortgages for 180 low-income, first-time homeowner Veterans and their families. It originated hundreds of mortgage loans throughout the state of Texas, more than half of which were in Lubbock, Texas.

The Guadalupe Neighborhood rebuilding was 98% completed. The dilapidated homes which were leveled by the tornado are now $80,000-$125,000 homes. The neighborhood has been removed from qualifying census tracts as a result.

In the 2000s

Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation continued to participate in housing counseling. A new endeavor taken on was the replatting and development of the Barrio Nuevo (New Neighborhood). The area is located in a qualifying census tract and Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation has built several new homes. The last home built in the neighborhood was in the 1950's. This area is adjacent to the Guadalupe area and is bordered by Yellow Lakes Canyon, Mackenzie Park and Aztzan Park.

In the 80s

Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation helped the Saragosa, Texas community rebuild after a devastating tornado leveled the city and killed over 30 people. Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation also branched out to the Permian Basin area, where record low oil prices caused many homeowners to lose their homes to foreclosures. It assisted families with loss mitigation counseling. Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation continued to develop the Guadalupe Neighborhood. The agency applied and received nonprofit status.

In the 70s

Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation began reconstruction of the Guadalupe Neighborhood after the devastating tornado which leveled the neighborhood and resulted in the loss of over 23 people.